The 36th Caught a Spider – At the Milan Fashion Week

Yet another great event is coming to Second Life, the Milan Fashion Week sponsored by Solo Evane Agency. It begins on the 10th of April and throughout that week you will see the latest amazing items from some of Second Life’s best designers, some of which have created exclusives only for this event.

For my first post on this event I picked one of Aliza Karu’s designs, and as you can see Miss Karu won’t leave the avant garde fans disappointed (please note that the spiderweb’s are NOT part of the dress tho;) )


Outfit – Rho by AD Creations ❤

Hair – Adorable updo by Tuty
Gloves – Zarema in jet by LaGyo
Make Up – Vintage Liner by Miamai, Cinema Muto #2 Lips by La Malvada Mujer
Eyelashes – Ademonia by Glow Studio
Tip Toe Bare Feet by GA


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