The 46th Has Big Cute Ears – At the Fantasy Faire

On the 20th of April the Fantasy Faire opened its gates for its excited and curious visitors. “The Fairelands consists of ten sims, all connected together so you can trek from one to another and admire the fantastic views. Eight of the sims are dedicated to shopping, one is the final destination of the upcoming Key of Hope hunt and one is the Fairelands Junction with portals to all the others.” (

Now let me introduce to you all: Stardust, my Meeroo. My first and only SL pet 😀 Never every thought I would get anything like this, but these Meeroos are just adorable! All the info you need about Meeroos:

Fantasy Faire - Meeroo



Starter kit (discounted for the Fantasy Faire!!) and many decorations are being offered at the Faire.

Fantasy Faire news and info:


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