57 – Watching for the Date – at Love Donna Flora

Living Imagination is proud to present this exclusive and first release of the Shine of Hope gown, which will be available 25th July-11th August during the Love Donna Flora Event. 100% of donations will go to Squinternet Larnia.

Squinternet kindly made a gorgeous jewellery set -Bodza Jewels- for me for the final of MVW 2013. I made this gown to compliment her creation as my thank you and well wishes for her. Please, if you do not own the set yet, go and have a look (I am also wearing it on this advert), I am sure you will love it at least as much as I do. It is just stunning.

I also invite you to join us for the Love Donna Flora fundraising event. Our friend, a great jewellery designer is battling cancer, let’s show her we stand by her! The sim will open on 25th July and I can assure you it’s wonderful, the items are amazing. You won’t be disappointed.

For more info go to: lovedonnaflora.wordpress.com

Love Donna Flora - SoH Advert

Jewellery – Bodza Jewels by Donna Flora
Gown – Shine of Hope by Living Imagination
Hair – Cotton Club by Vanity Hair
Make Up – Black Eyeliner 10 by MONS, Steam Cloud Only Eyes by *LpD*


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