67. Disappeared

Dear Customers,

I think I owe an explanation to why some of my vendors disappeared from FFL and why I am left with only 4 (if at all as I haven’t logged in to check, just got the “returned” message).

The reason is one of the organisers, Dwen Dooley, who better set his priorities right if he is to work for a charity. If FFL was for his own benefit the I’d say fine, but this time he is playing with other people’s money, which I think is very low.

So here it is, my explanation as it appeared on my FB wall:

“Dwen Dooley at RFL needs to set his priorities right. Also to get someone else to do the dirty job for him makes him an even bigger joke. Grow some backbone and man up, mate!

According to the ORIGINAL rules I haven’t done anything wrong by setting my FFL vendors to suit my textures that I’ve been using in my mainstore. I also said that if I had the time I WOULD change them but since I’m not home I can’t log in to SL to do hours of work.

I also told you, that I’m SORRY I used my original vendor textures because I hadn’t had time to make new ones. I still stayed up til 5 am on the night I set up my vendors. To create new textures would have added 3+ hours as 1: I like to do them properly as you can see on my exclusives’ image, 2: these would need to be done especially good if I don’t want them to get lost in that huge RFL frame. Not everyone has infinite SL time!

So it’s not like I’m being a big rebel here, I was trying to save time for MY FAMILY’S sake. Also I’m AWAY so I don’t even have the chance to log in and fix. But again, I DID NOT go against rules with this, well not agains rules that were stated clearly. I used official RFL vendors!

Then I said if looks are more important than the donation just return the vendors. Well, you waited til after opening to ask someone else and didn’t even bother to reply, well done, thank you!

If I was as low as you are I would pull out of the whole thing but I actually CARE about cancer patients and the drama YOU created is not their fault.

So guys, if you wonder why I have only 4 vendors at FFL it’s because Dwen thought it’s unacceptable not to have their frame around them and customers are probably stupid and wouldn’t trust vendors without frame even tho it cleary states it’s an RFL vendor and I even made a sign with their logo and percentage info that looked exactly the same as of the frame around other vendors. I’m sorry.”

So sorry guys, this is out of my reach. I still should have 4 vendors there. 2 at 100% and 2 at 50%.

Happy Sunday,
Bodza Blackadder
Living Imagination CEO


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