56 – Kisses the Dawn

Well I must have a go at certain contests, mustn’t I? 🙂 Especially if the store is very arty that’s offering some great opportunities! Yes, just the one for Bodza! 🙂 Here’s my entry for SoliDea FoliEs’s Top Blogger Hunt, and althought there’s only 2 more days left to enter, I’d like to encourage everyone to enter, as the prices are fantastic and it’s a fantastic opportunity to become a blogger for the famous brand!

More info here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/milatatham/9123470413/

Solidea Blogger Hunt big

Dress – Natzuka by SoliDea FoliEs
Chest Decor – part of Muse by SoliDea FoliEs
Arm Decor – part of Devine Dream by SoliDea FoliEs
Eye Decor – Roses and Pearls by SoliDea FoliEs

Eyelashes – Floral Eyeliner by Boudoir
Hair – Maya by MADesigns
Roses – part of Don’t Forget Me by LpD


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